Derek dempsey - Breathing Like an Alien

Nov. 30th 2018 Live Performance

Later tonight (11/30/18) I'll be on stage in NYC at The City Winery at 8pm.

I am performing a classic Bowie song with two guitar legends, Gerry Leonard from David Bowie band, and Vernon Reid of Living Color.

Wham Bam Thank You GLAM!

The Boy who wanted to be Bowie for a Day

Breathing Like an Alien View now!

I am feeling more elated and optimistic than ever, now that I have released the best work I've ever created.

Breathing Like An Alien is now available on YouTube, Instagram and many other platforms. We will keep our supporters informed right here on in the coming days when Breathing Like An Alien is available to purchase on iTunes.

I say OUR, because I have a team of amazingly talented and dedicated people who have given me more than I probably deserve. I cannot express in words how grateful I am.

Two people in particular on the creative side are Jeff Mooney and Al Hemberger. They have both worked on the project for so many hours, hours that amount to a sum unable to be counted by any man, woman, or machine.

New single and video

Alien Emerge

Breathing Like An Alien will make its New York City, Time Square debut this Friday November 3rd at O'Briens West 46th. This is phase one of the 'Midtown, Downtown, Uptown' Alien Invasion.

The event begins at 7.30pm till 9.30pm and will continue with Derek's usual live performance downstairs until late...

The launch is part of the nationwide Alien Invasion which will take in New York City, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas between November and February of 2018.

There are plans under way to bring The Alien Invasion to Los Angeles, Canada, Ireland, France and other regions in Europe.

The 'Midtown, Downtown, Uptown' launch takes place over three days in New York City's Time Square.

Starting with the invite only party at O'Briens of Time Square where we will screen the video of Breathing Like An Alien and present the Alien merchandise.

Saturday's Alien show is at The Mean Fiddler on 47th street, from 8-11 and the last of the Midtown launch performances takes place at the Pig and Whistle on 46th. We will play the video of Breathing Like An Alien on the 15 TV screens at the Mean Fiddler on the night.

Details of the Downtown and Uptown launches to follow, as well as Washington D.C. and Las Vegas Alien Invasion and launches.

We will introduce our mascot, Silàne the Alien. Silàne is green, friendly and nine foot tall

Share the the video on your Facebook and Youtube accounts and become part of our Alien universe.

Well, you already are...