Derek dempsey - Breathing Like an Alien

December 2019 News

"Bells they ring, snow may fall, aunts and uncles gifts for all."

It's Christmas in Times Square. We had our first real holiday snowfall. I will be performing Christmas Specials almost every night throughout December.

The past twelve months have been the usual and constant performing. While mostly in Times Square, there was also a special moment in the debut performance of Derek Dempsey's Celtic Soul Band.

Celtic Soul is a gathering of people I greatly respect, with like minds and excellent musicianship. Jessica Klee, Eric Starr, Al Hemberger, Kevin Byrne and Max Smith.

Celtic Soul will be performing at Mount Snow, Vermont on March 17th from 12:30pm to 4:00pm.

Venue: The Cuzzins Deck Stage at Main Base Lodge
Address: 294 Handle Rd. West Dover, VT 05356 Phone: (802) 464-4205. (More dates will be added for Celtic Soul.)

My plans for the coming month will mostly be revolved around what is commonly known as The Centre of the Universe - Times Square. All the dates are on my facebook page as well as here at my official website.

I am performing a special Christmas Show for The Irish American Writers and Artists, where I'll be performing Christmas songs (including my latest Christmas composition "Every Christmas" at The Cell 338 W 23rd St, in the heart of Chelsea, December 17th at 7.00pm. The man who is a universe onto himself, Malachy McCourt is usually there and I hope to see him again. It's an experience of privilege.

I am a guest of playwright Mark Butler at Don't Tell Mama's on West 46th December 22nd at 5:30pm. Ring a Ding Ding Dong, A Cabaret Christmas Party.

I will also keep everyone posted on plans for 2019, Festivals, shows in Washington D.C. and possibly a few return shows in Las Vegas.

Another tune in the long clogged pipeline is a duet planned with a dynamic NYC Soul Singer Carlton Jumal Smith. We just need to lock down studio time in January if we can find a day we are both off the stage.

My debut novel Anthony's Aria: The Story of a Working Class Opera God is finished. Now I am seeking an agent and a publisher.

I realized the dream of a life time at the beginning of the year in a visit to Charlie Chaplins estate in Switzerland. There are some photos in the gallery.

I also performed with All Right Now composer and drummer for Free, Bad Company and Ringo Starr Band, Simon Kirke in NYC.

Highlights of my year include performances with Gerry Leonard of David Bowie band, Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfetones, Vernon Reed of Living Color, Joe Hurley's All Star Irish Rock review as well as his amazing Wham Bam Thank You Glam! Event, meeting the composer of Elvis Presley's My Boy and being told by Bill Martin that I sang the last note of the song much better than Elvis (I'll take the kind lie).

On December 22nd I’ll be 'appearing' in radio land. The legendary Larry Kirwan of Black 47 will be playing my single 'Every Christmas' on his radio show, The Loft/SiriusXM Ch. 710.

Our daughters Kelsey and Nicki graduated from nursing school after four plus years of hard study. I could not even comprehend the titles of the medical books they studied, no mind the contents. They are super brains.

Then they spent six weeks backpacking across Europe, even spending a few days in Crumlin with grandma Ireland. The girls said they had their first real grandma experience. My mother taught them to knit, and they cooked a pasta dinner for her that they learned how to make in a class n Verona, Italy. We are so proud of them, obviously.

As an avid, lifelong lover of Opera, I get to see Operas in The Metropolitan Opera House in NYC. This year Lisa and Nicki are accompanying me to The Marriage Of Figaro, thanks to Terrence Miller. It is one of the greatest Opera's ever written. It is also Nicki's first ever opera. I don't know if I am more excited than my daughter is.

We went all-out as usual, but with a few extras this year at Wisteria House on our Christmas decorations. I might post a few videos and photos on my facebook account.

Thank you to all those who support me and my music all year round, the music lovers and the venues, too countless to mention here.

Happy 'whatever you celebrate' this December.


"We need constant peace, the miracle of peace, we need a constant peace like every Christmas."

Lyrics: Derek Dempsey and David Dasch.

The Christmas Song Every Christmas.

The single from the forthcoming album "The People Always Pay".

Available NOW at: CD Baby

On stage in NYC at The City Winery.

Performing a classic Bowie song with two guitar legends, Gerry Leonard from David Bowie band, and Vernon Reid of Living Color.

Wham Bam Thank You GLAM!

Breathing Like an Alien View now!

I am feeling more elated and optimistic than ever, now that I have released the best work I've ever created.

Breathing Like An Alien is now available on YouTube, Instagram and many other platforms. We will keep our supporters informed right here on in the coming days when Breathing Like An Alien is available to purchase on iTunes.

I say OUR, because I have a team of amazingly talented and dedicated people who have given me more than I probably deserve. I cannot express in words how grateful I am.

Two people in particular on the creative side are Jeff Mooney and Al Hemberger. They have both worked on the project for so many hours, hours that amount to a sum unable to be counted by any man, woman, or machine.

New single and video

Alien Emerge

Breathing Like An Alien will make its New York City, Time Square debut this Friday November 3rd at O'Briens West 46th. This is phase one of the 'Midtown, Downtown, Uptown' Alien Invasion.

The event begins at 7.30pm till 9.30pm and will continue with Derek's usual live performance downstairs until late...

The launch is part of the nationwide Alien Invasion which will take in New York City, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas between November and February of 2018.

There are plans under way to bring The Alien Invasion to Los Angeles, Canada, Ireland, France and other regions in Europe.

The 'Midtown, Downtown, Uptown' launch takes place over three days in New York City's Time Square.

Starting with the invite only party at O'Briens of Time Square where we will screen the video of Breathing Like An Alien and present the Alien merchandise.

Saturday's Alien show is at The Mean Fiddler on 47th street, from 8-11 and the last of the Midtown launch performances takes place at the Pig and Whistle on 46th. We will play the video of Breathing Like An Alien on the 15 TV screens at the Mean Fiddler on the night.

Details of the Downtown and Uptown launches to follow, as well as Washington D.C. and Las Vegas Alien Invasion and launches.

We will introduce our mascot, Silàne the Alien. Silàne is green, friendly and nine foot tall

Share the the video on your Facebook and Youtube accounts and become part of our Alien universe.

Well, you already are...