As I travel around America I meet hundreds and thousands of interesting people. People who are just people. People, many of whom remain unknown and unheralded for the jobs they hold down so they can raise their children, children who will potentially interact with everybody on the planet in their brief time here.

These people are not considered heroes in the hero culture we have seen building over the last decade or more in our world. These people most often remain unheard in a world where mediocrity continues to be celebrated and valued over substance, hard-work, and honesty.

The photographs in the gallery are of people who have worked in the same realm as me and who have had varying degrees of success.

They are not mediocre, they have all risen from the heavy fray through hard work and dedication and are bestowed with that often elusive and intangible of all masters, luck.

I will be adding a gallery of the unheralded soon. If you have a photo taken of us together at one of my shows, please submit it to and we will add the photo to the new gallery.


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